FIT Studio

Private Personal Training Studio

3455 Princeton Dr NE

Albuquerque, NM  87107

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FIT Studio is a functional training facility featuring primarily free-weight functional training equipment. The open floor plan is ideal for crossfit, HIIT, kettlebell, and group training. The private setting also makes it ideal for one-on-one personalized workouts. The wide variety of equipment gives trainers the ability to perfectly customize a workout for any client.

The gym is equipped primarily with high-end Rogue and Movestrong equipment and includes:

- Free-standing squat racks + 50+ rubber plates
- Functional jungle gym
- Sleds
- Kettlebells
- Climbing ropes
- Tires
- Free weights (various kinds)
- Sandbags
- Steel maces
- Medicine balls
- Agility ladders

- Plyo boxes

We ensure private training sessions by limiting the number of trainers & clients to 10 in the gym at any given time. An interactive scheduler is shared with the trainers to manage training schedules. The studio can be used for 10+ group training based on availability.